For Summer Vacation, I …

Students feeding fish from the dock.

I know we all other things we wanted to do, but for some of us (myself included) we spent most of June in summer school. It wasn’t bad though.

We mixed things up so we did more than just stare at a computer screen. We got up and moved around–literally. Each morning started with a mile and a half walk. That got the juices flowing. We then sat down and heard from a speaker, before getting to work.

The guys making UV reflective bracelets. Paul Anger Kevin laughing at the pond. Lucky Duck

About thirty students from the junior high and high school showed up for summer school. For those students who stuck it out for all four weeks, they made progress towards their credits and (hopefully) learned something along the way.

During the last week, we went on a field trip to Discovery Park. We got a tour of the park, fed ducks, and even went to space. Not a bad morning, if I do say so myself.

It wasn’t exactly sleeping in till noon and playing Xbox all night, but it wasn’t a bad way to spend the summer. Maybe we’ll see you next year?


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