Learning from Former Graduates

On Tuesday, September 29, students at Fort Thomas High School get to hear about life after graduation from someone who’s been there–Melody Rope. Two years ago, Melody Rope graduated from Fort Thomas High School as the senior class president. Since then, she has gone on to study at Eastern Arizona College where she is currently a sophomore. She plans on attending NAU to study environmental biology next fall.

Melody spoke for about a half hour about the importance of being responsible and respectful. She explained that in college the teachers don’t remind you about assignment, they just expect you to get them done.

She explained that after working in forestry this summer, she made the tough decision to return to school. “I had lots of money. I was rolling in it,” she explained. She also realized that by getting her degree she could earn an extra $10 an hour. “$10 an hour may not sound like much, but it adds up,” she added.

She encouraged students to be on time and to not procrastinate, pitfalls she explained that she had while she was a student here. Despite her honesty, Melody explained that she was able to enjoy college because she had worked hard during the summer and received scholarships which essentially “paid” her to go to college.

She went on to explain that in college you can have two of three things: good grades, sleep, and a social life. You can only have two of the three though. If you have good grades and a social life, you don’t have time to sleep. Melody explained that that’s the choice she made. Despite staying up till three in the morning to work on English papers, she doesn’t have class until 10am.

All in all, students learned a lot and benefited from hearing from someone who has been there and come back to tell them about it.


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