Chocolate: Good or Bad? Or Great? (I’m Voting for Great!)

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Savannah Jones


Chocolate: good for you or bad for you? Most people would say “bad” or “unhealthy” without a second thought, but they don’t have all the facts. Though there are definitely some downsides to chocolate, it also has a lot of commonly unknown benefits; I leave the opinion on health help or risk to you.

Let’s start with the consequences, both well-known and obscure. There are fairly high levels of saturated fat in chocolate, which can lead to high cholesterol, contribute to heart disease and heartburn, and sometimes causes kidney stones; and let’s not forget about diabetes. And, of course, eating any type of food too much without moderation or variety is bad for you. Milk chocolate has more fats, so it is widely seen as less healthy than dark chocolate, which isn’t always considered to be too great either; it can also get caught in braces, and nobody likes it when that happens. In 2003, a study on chocolate showed that it may be largely connected to IBS, or irritable bowel syndrome. (Yikes.)

On the other hand, chocolate is known for being an anti-depressant, and contrary to popular belief, it has no effect on acne. Multiple studies from the University of Cambridge involving over 100,000 subjects have proven that the consumption of chocolate was connected to lower rates of heart disease, high blood pressure, and strokes; Harvard Medical School students conducted a study proving that chocolate may prevent memory declination in older people. And, though it has nothing to do with health, we all have to admit that chocolate tastes amazing, dark chocolate and milk chocolate alike.

So, I leave it to you to create your own opinions based on the facts, and I hope this was helpful in some way. Enjoy. 🙂

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