Escape the Fate’s Newest Album “Hate Me” Review


Fun fact I’m listening to the album while writing this.

I really enjoy this new album, “Hate Me,” by Escape the Fate. If you haven’t heard of Escape the Fate they’re kind of like Black Veil Brides or Sleeping with Sirens. Still doesn’t ring a bell? They play alternative rock music and it’s great.

Personally, I think most of the album is great.

The lyrics flow pretty well and they go well with the names of the songs. Also you could relate and agree with what the songs are saying. I like how some of the songs tell stories.

Overall the music is really amazing, the lyrics flow, and the song names go with the lyrics.

Now the album cover, in my opinion is beautiful. The artwork in stunning, I really wish I could draw like that, the print goes very well with the album.

Overall, I think it’s worth a listen. Check it out!

Just a Memory
Live For Today
Remember Every Scar
Breaking Me Down
Get Up, Get Out
Hate Me
Les Enfants Terribles (The Terrible Children)
I Won’t Break
Let Me Be
End of the World
Just A Memory (Mozaix Remix)
Live For Today (Mozaix Remix)


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