What is Black Friday?


First of all, why is Black Friday named Black Friday? The name is given to the day after Thanksgiving. It started back in 1966 by a fellow named Earl Apfelbaum, a dealer in rare stamps. He once announced in his ad that Philadelphia Police Department gave that name to the Friday after Thanksgiving. Now it is based on retailers who report some of their highest profits on that day. Businesses report their losses in red ink and report their gains in black ink. Which relates to the name “Black” Friday.
It is basically a day for huge sales for all items, if something cost about two-hundred dollars it will be econimical, you’ll be surprised by how amazing deals will be. So many people go out to shop for that particular day, the day is filled with adrenaline. Several accidents accure, even violence happens over little or big items. It is known to some people to officially get the Holiday shopping started.
A few tips for anyone planning on attending Black Friday: wear tennis shoes, have a list of exactly what you want, have a group of successful fighters, have safe parking. Be physically prepared to run and have a strong hold on items.
Be safe, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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