Stephen Curry: The Other Boy from Akron


If you guys did not know, Stephen Curry has been my boyfriend for about three good years. And yes we are still going strong. He is actually at practice right now while I am typing. Just kidding guys. But he is my love! Let me tell you the beginning of his life.

Stephen Curry was born on March 14, 1988 in Akron, Ohio. He is 6’3, and weights about 190 pounds. His parents are Sonya and Dell Curry. Fun fact is that Curry is actually a Junior, “Wardell Stephen Curry II”. He has a sister name Sydell Curry who is a college athlete. A brother name Seth Curry who also plays for the NBA for the Sacramento Kings. Pictured on the top is a picture of them both on Saturday, November 7, 2015 before the game they played against each others. His dad was also a NBA player for the Charlotte Hornets. Pictured on the bottom is a picture of all of them in their jersey, looking cute. Because they seem to all have that gene, looking cute and all.

Curry attended high school at Charlotte Christian. When playing high school ball he was recognized as he is now, a great shooter. He was named all-conference, as well as team MVP while leading his school to three conference titles and three state playoff appearances. In his senior year he shot about 48% from the three point line. He dreamed of being like his Dad Dell and play for the Virginia Tech Hokies. But they did not offer him a scholarship so he had taken the offer and played for Davidson College where he begin his carrier. His senior year he was drafted into the NBA the seventh pick in 2009 from The Golden State Warriors. Finishing his rookie season with being named he 2010 All-Rookie First Team. Picking Stephen Curry was to be the best decisions the Golden State Warriors have made.

Curry has been married to the beautiful and lucky Ayesha Curry since 2011. They actually met in high school, a really cute story. I wish I was born in 1988 when I think of it. Ayesha moved to LA after high school and when Steph was having a basketball camp in LA he Facebook messaged her and asked if she wanted to hang out. Ayesha tried to deny it and said maybe next time. He came back that next week and they spent that week hanging out and exploring. They did not officially date until Ayesha moved back to Charlotte. Curry asked Ayesha to marry him at the place they had their first date. They had a baby girl named Riley Curry on July 12th, 2012. And a girl recently named Ryan Carson Curry on July 10, 2015. Their babies are so cute!

On the court Klay Thompson is considered his “Splash Brother”, off-court basically his good friend but not best friend. Klay has been going pro for three years, and Steph has for six years. They both grew up NBA kids. Klay’s dad also played pro for the Portland Trail Blazers. Curry and Thompson do amazing work on the court! Many people think they are best friends off the court. But Curry does not have time to hangout with friends. He goes home to his wife and kids, because of course he is a daddy.

Curry also signed a contract with Under Armor until 2024. He now has his own shoes on the market, the “Curry One-Two.” Under Armor sold about $153 million in three months with Curry’s help. He says he has been day one with Under Armor before he even signed.

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