Surviving Finals Week


What am I going to do?! Finals are tomorrow! I need more time! If I don’t do good on every one of my final exams my life is going to be ruined! First, it will start here at high school, and I won’t get my diploma so I can’t get into college, then I get a part time job at McDonalds so my parents don’t have to pay for everything. Then, before I know it I’m thirty living in my parent’s house with a full-time job at McDonalds (not even manager) all because I did bad on that one biology final. These were all the things racing through my mind before the first finals I had and much more. Stress was consuming me like I do when I consume Netflix. Even though this hypothetical situation seems so crazy right now, but because the stress clouding my mind it felt like it would be so easy for that to happen.

Stress: a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances. The most important thing that I really learned this year was to cope and deal with this stress. Throughout the school year, I have been overwhelmed with stress too many times to count, but because I got so much experience with it I was able to cope with it. First I had to find the reason or the source of why I was so stressed, which was school. But as we all know you can’t just quit school, so I just had to make it easier on myself. One thing I needed to fix was how I managed my time. I had to find more time for my work with cheer and volleyball to work around. So I started to bring my homework with me everywhere just to get a jump start on it and I wouldn’t have to do it all when I got home and become extremely stressed about it. Surprisingly, it helped greatly even though I did not get that much more done, but because I knew that I had started it I was able to cope with the stress. These little things like this can make a big difference especially when it comes to finals. Finals are usually one of the most stressful things of the year so being able to deal with the stress is a very handy tool for school and even for life. Freshman year is more of a learning year for the rest of high school and sometimes college so I feel like I was able to learn a very important thing for the rest of high school and college.

School is a mountain that must be scaled, a big feature, but once you get over the sheer size you can scale it with ease. There are always going to be obstacles in our lives that we have to get past, but I learned from this school year that with determination and perseverance, anything can be accomplished. For example, during the second quarter I was becoming sick a lot and I was falling behind on my work and my grades were slipping a little bit. I started to give up a little and I got to worry that I would never be able to bring it back up, but I stuck through it and even with these doubts I never stopped working and I was able to bring it back up. This was a very important time in this year because it was proof of my growth and learning because at the beginning of the year if I was in that position or situation I was then, I do not think I would have been able to come back from that.

What I really learned this year goes much farther than how to set up an equation in math, or the formula for photosynthesis, but actual things I need to have learned for life and things that I will use during everyday things.

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