The History and Future of Music


Music has been around since the beginning of time and probably will continue to be around until the end of time. It may be concluded that music was around in the ancestral population, which would mean music has been around for about 55,000 years. Music has a part in every culture, and everyones past and present. The origin of music is unknown, but some say that the origin of music probably comes from different sounds and rhythms. Some of the past music eras or periods include prehistoric, ancient, early, common practice, and modern and contemporary.

Prehistoric music includes all of the world’s music that has existed before historical sources concerning music. A lot of people don’t call it prehistoric music though, they call it either folk, indigenous, or traditional music. One type of prehistoric music or traditional music is Native American music. The first musical instrument may have even been the human voice itself which can make many different sounds, like singing, humming and whistling through things like coughing or yawning.

Prehistoric music ended with the development of writing, which started the ancient music era. The “oldest known song” dates back about 3,400 years ago. They used different types of flutes during this time to create different sounds.

Then came the early music period. This period included the Medieval era and the Renaissance era as well. Early music is classical tradition of the European after the fall of the Roman Empire until the end of the Baroque era. During this time music was very diverse. A lot of cultural groups already had developed a musical tradition. The Roman Catholic Church’s music had served the focal point for musical development for the first thousand years of this period. During the Medieval era musical life was very rich because of instruments, writings about music, and other records. Later began the Renaissance era which did not start in Italy like the Renaissance in other arts. A lot of composers and singers started to spread across Europe. The invention of printing had a huge impact on musical styles.

After this came the common practice period, which included the Baroque era, classical era, romantic era, and impressionist era. In the Baroque era instrumental music became the dominant type of music. A lot if not all of Baroque music featured a basso continuo consisting of a keyboard. Three outstanding composers of this time were Johann Sebastian Bach, George Frideric Handel, and Antonio Vivaldi. During the classical era music change a lot because instead of instruments, singers were the main focus now. Which lead to instrumental replacing opera. The romantic era was a time when music became more emotional, expressive, art, and expanding to encompass literature.This lead into the 20th and 21st-century music.

In the 20th-century the music world change a lot, more people started listening to music which meant the radio gained popularity, new media and technology were developed to record, capture, reproduce, and distribute music. Artists started recording music videos and having concerts which made music performances become very visual. Music became portable. Headphones were invented and let people listen to different music as the person sitting next to them. This brought new freedom and wide experimentation with different musical styles and forms. The invention of amplification and electric instruments also changed a lot of things because they revolutionized popular music.

Future music will continue to keep trying new music styles and experimenting with different sounds. Sources say in ten years, many people will not care about owning music. Why is this? This is because music prices are expected to increase in price over the next decade, making it harder for people to just buy songs whenever they hear them. Many people have also said they do not care about release dates anymore. For every true fan, release dates have always been of importance. It used to be amazing learning about the new release date of your favorite artist, saving money, and waiting until that date came around. How could anyone not care about that? Here’s how. People believe that music is all about discovery now days, and although I agree, I disagree with their logic that major record labels will no longer run the music business a decade from now. Since the beginning of music record companies have always ran the music business, and I hope that that continues. Can you imagine music ran by businessmen who know nothing about music? It will not turn out well. In the future artists will be able to connect with their fans more through social media

In conclusion music has changed dramatically since it first began and will continue to do so. With all the new technology it will be interesting to see how music ends up in ten years.

The sources I used are RIAA and Wikipedia.

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