Women in Combat


More than a century ago, after they were first allowed to serve in the U.S military as nurses, Women will now be eligible for all combat jobs in every branch in the armed forces. 15% of the military is made up of women. Over 200,000 women have dedicated their lives to serve their country. Starting January women will be able to fight on battlefield along with men.

Women will be allowed to contribute to the mission in ways they never could before. They’ll be allowed to drive tanks, fire motors, lead infantry soldiers into combat. And, everything else that was previously only open to men. Though this is a big change it is not quite a surprise, the military had already lifted a ban on women in combat, noting that women in Iraq and Afghanistan were often on the front lines even when not formally assigned to combat positions. Over the past two years each branch of the armed forces evaluated the impact of opening combat positions to women and developed plans for how to integrate women in combat roles. Only the marines recommended keeping certain combat positions closed to women. But the new announcement now means that 200,000 positions in the military are now open to women.

As many issues that are changed their are pros and cons about that go along with it. A woman who was personally in the marines herself does not like the idea of all combat positions being open to women. Women are often great shooters but can’t run in 50–8- lbs of gear as long, hard, or as fast as men. There are logistics of making all the adjustments for women in the field from stopping to pee, or having to take a 5 minute break because she is tired or thirsty. The upside of all combat positions being open to women are that women will now feel equally treated. This is history in the making. Women can do anything they want to do as long as they set their minds to it.

Women have built this country from the ground up! It’s the women who gave birth to everyone! So therefore women are capable of doing anything, and will be able to do anything they set their minds to.

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