Individual Cheerleader Portraits are Available for Order

In addition to the high school basketball teams and the junior high girls basketball portraits, the individual portraits of the cheerleaders are now done. We will be finishing team pictures at a later date.

We will be taking junior high boys basketball portraits later this week.

Portrait Packages

Packages start at $10 and go up to $30 depending on how many pictures you would like.

  • The “Complete Sports Package” costs $30 ($40 value) and includes 1 8×10 team portraits, 1 8×10 individual portrait, 2 5×7 individual portraits, and 8 2×3 individual portraits (wallet-size).
  • All other packages cost $10 each. You can either order Package A with 1 8×10, Package B with 2 5x7s, or Package C with 8 2×3 wallet-size photos.

Support the Journalism and Media Programs

If you would like to discuss other options, come down to the school and we can work something out. All money goes to supporting the journalism and media programs here at Fort Thomas High School, so please place your orders to help our students out. Thanks!

Individual Portraits

Extra Poses and Group Portraits


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