Fort Thomas Project LEAP is Star Struck


Astronomers, teachers, K-6 grade families, and students were partners in exploring the Fort Thomas crystal like night sky on Friday, May 6th for the second annual Star Party. Projects LEAP and Astro made it possible for students and faculty to study the universe using telescopes beyond the classroom door by uniting people from Discovery Park, the Arizona Desert Skygazers, Mount Graham International Observatory, and the community. Students created star charts and used Galileoscopes to get their first taste of what it is like to be an amateur astronomer. Part of the evenings activities included reading Native American legends under the stars.

We would like to thank the families and students that participated, and mention these specific people who contributed to the success of the night: Arizona Desert Skygazers for the telescopes (Dave Dillman, Richard Hillman, Paul Schulz) and Discovery Park for the Galileoscopes and binoculars (Jackie Madsen, Mark Madsen).

Photo by Paul Shultz


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